Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven

Product Description

Blackstone Patio Oven. Cook a pizza in 3 minutes. Offers a push button igniter, durable steel handles and a battery powered rotisserie motor to rotate the pizza stone for accurate and reliable brick oven results.

Product Features

  • The Blackstone Patio Oven offers a 60,000 BTU burner for quick and even heat
  • Offers a push button igniter and durable steel handles
  • Battery powered rotisserie motor to rotate the pizza stone for accurate and reliable brick oven results

Customer Reviews

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Customer service is exemplary, June 7, 2013
Dr. Jack L. Perry
I purchased my pizza oven at Cabelas in Wichita, Ks. Didn't take long to assemble but noted that the rotating table with the bottom stone was 'off center' or higher on one side than the other. Checked things out and determined that the large, heavy rod that engages the rotating motor was not straight to the heavy metal tray. Could have been a warpage when welded or not centered in a jig, but made one side 3/4" or so closer to the oven bottom as it rotated. I emailed Customer Service and received a prompt reply that they would like a couple photos, if possible, and email those to one Britton Moser. I did that and received a very prompt reply from Mr. Moser....and talked with him on the phone. He sent a new rotating table immediately via UPS without charge and did not request the defective part to be shipped back.

This type of customer service, without quibbling about the problem and how or why it happened, is not common these days. So...not only is this pizza oven a.

Has almost replaced our indoor stove!, April 17, 2013
G. Bracken
I ordered this 'pizza' oven a month ago and have used it almost everyday since can actually cook MUCH more than just pizzas with this propane patio oven! We have mastered Salmon and Tilapia fish, which will cook in about 6-8 minutes. The beauty of this oven is in it's design...the pizza stone ROTATES, which prevents uneven cooking, burning and other problems, plus this oven has a stone mounted ABOVE the cooking area as well as below, this dome shape design creates an intense, convection oven type heat that cooks to perfection...this is a feature I haven't been able to find on almost all the other pizza ovens I researched.

Also, this product is BRAND NEW and not even available in the big box stores was hard to get initially but Blackstone seems to have MUCH more inventory now.

My Pizza / Patio oven came with a pizza paddle included, and took me about 30 minutes to assemble. The inside of the oven gets HOT (700+ degrees) but that heat can be.

Great to start! BUT WAIT!!!!!!, March 12, 2014
Bradley (Bellevue)
We received our unit and absolutely loved it. However the whole metal plate buckled once and they replaced it. However it's done the same thing again, plus the motor has now failed. We have only made pizza's on it on about 10 occasions. I have tried returning it through Amazon, but it was one month out of the time allowed! I have emailed Blackstone with no response. We have told numerous people about how fantastic it was! As it was,..... while it worked!

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